College Countdown Day 3: Makeup

I love my makeup!  But at the same time, I know how little makeup I will actually wear on a day-to-day basis when I am running out the door for those 8 AM classes.  So when it came to packing my makeup, I knew to keep it simple.  Of course I will also be taking more makeup to create fun looks or to go a little more done up for certain events.

Much like my clothes, I went through my entire makeup collection (which in reality isn’t that large, though I wouldn’t be opposed if it were 😉 ).  Everything that was old and used up I threw away.  All the products that I purchased but didn’t like I gave away.  The things I liked but didn’t use I decided to leave behind.  Everything else (meaning what I use on a daily basis or the things I tend to use more often) is all packed up in my monogrammed cosmetics case from Pomegranate Inc that my adorable cousin gave me for graduation.

I also bought one of those acrylic makeup storage sets for my dorm room.  I thought everything would be more easily accessible using it than digging around a makeup bag.  Its also an easier way to keep everything organized through the various compartments and drawers.


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