College Countdown Day 4/5: Organizing and Transportation

I lumped days 5 and 4 together because I personally think they both go hand-in-hand when it comes to packing for college.  My parents and I are planning to drive out to my school (a good 7 hours away).  We also plan to get everything before and taking it all down with us instead of shipping things or ordering them and having them be picked up at stores in that area.  Basically I am putting all of my stuff for classes in my backpack and all of my bathroom stuff in a medium sized duffle bag.  I these two tote bins I have all of my dorm stuff, bedding, and kitchen stuff.  My mom and I got this three drawer rolling cart that I put random stuff, art supplies, and accessories in.  And for my clothes, everything thats folded is in a suitcase while everything thats hanging will be covered with a garbage bag and laid on top of things in the car.  Thats pretty much the entire summary of the organization for my packing.  Its just easy to keep everything together in categories so there isn’t much confusion and misplacing things when trying to set up my room.  Only three days left!


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