College Countdown Day 6: Clothes

I have been running around like a madwoman these past couple of days.  I get so stressed out and serious anxiety knowing that there is still so much to do with so little time to do it.  But I am finally getting around to getting things done and the feeling is a glorious one.

There is one general rule of thumb when packing clothes for college: always know for sure that it is something you’re going to wear more than once before packing it.  Those closets are teeny tiny so packing you’re entire wardrobe isn’t going to work.  That means the super fun sequin dress you’ve been dying to have a chance to wear should probably stay home.  But here’s a helpful hint, if you wear it a lot now, chances are you’re probably going to wear it a lot in college as well (as long as there isn’t a high school logo on it).  I went through my entire wardrobe and tried on everything (I mean everything).  If it didn’t fit or hadn’t been worn in the past 18 months it was in the “get rid of” pile, if it fit and I liked it but hadn’t worn it that much it went in the “leave home”, if it was something I had worn 3 times in the past week it went in the “take to school” pile.  If there was any debate on whether or not I should leave something, chances are it ended up in the pile of clothing I’m leaving at home.  If you get to school and realize you just had to have something that you previously decided to leave home, have mom and dad bring it to you parents weekend or ship it to you.

Heres what clothing I’m bringing (or the must-haves):

-more than a couple casual dresses (to me they can easily provide a cute outfit for when you’re running out the door in the morning)

-one or two nicer dresses (can’t go wrong with an lbd, make it something classier and well fitted so you can wear it for multiple events instead of just that frat party)

-sweaters galore (I have a slightly unhealthy love for sweaters and cardigans. To me they go with everything so of course I have to take them with me. Like my security blanket I can actually wear in public)

-a couple pairs of jeans (who will tell if you wear the same pair of jeans twice in one week?)

-norts and v necks (the entirety of my summer wardrobe, nike shorts and a soft pocket t. Its hot in the south and stays hot up through October. Thats why cool, comfortable clothing is an absolute must for me. Its also an outfit I can wear to the gym to help avoid that freshman 15)

-2 swimsuits (you never know when you and you’re friends are going to take a road trip to the beach for a long weekend)

-one or two pairs of heels (for your lbd, make sure they’re sensible enough to walk in. Trekking around campus in 6″ stilettos does not sound fun)

-sneakers (for when you want to sweat it out in the gym, or just for when you want to check out the campus cuties sweating it out in the gym)

-comfy shoes (converse, vans, flip flops, ballet flats, etc. comfy feet=happy feet)

-shower shoes and house shoes (no need to risk it walking around the nasty floors of your ancient dorm building)

-rain coat and boots (need I say anything else? The weather always loves to play games so it never hurts to always be prepared)

I think I covered just about everything.  Let me know what you guys think the college wardrobe essentials are!


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