College Countdown Day 1: Move-In

Hey guys!  I am officially moved into my dorm room and starting the first round of sorority recruitment today!  I plan to take pictures of my dorm room once I finally am able to keep all my posters up (I had one fall on me last night).  But regardless I am so excited to start this new chapter in life and to share it all with you.

Basically, for those of you who have yet to move in or for those of you who want to reminisce about move-in with me haha, it is quite a bit of work.  The weather is hot, you’re waiting in lines for elevators so you don’t have to lug that 10 ton mini fridge up 8 flights of stairs, and by the time you get everything in your room, start having a panic attack because the task seems impossible.  I consider myself extremely lucky when it came to my move-in day.  I got to come a couple days early for recruitment and of the 250+ students living in my building, only about 60 moved in the same day as me so there were no lines.  An added bonus is that my roommate doesnt move in until tomorrow.  That means I could spread my things out all over the room and get set up without the panic attack, it also means there was a lot less stuff in the room to be unpacking.  I got to meet a couple other really cool girls on my floor who are rushing as well so we all get to hangout and walk to the different meeting places together as well as hanging out in each others rooms outside of recruitment.

I think people have a love/hate relationship with their dorm rooms.  They are so small (much smaller than you can sometimes think) that you get stressed out just wondering where to put everything.  At the same time, it keeps you in check from overpacking and helps you prioritize what you’ll really need.  Are you really going to wear that light-up reindeer sweater your grandmother got you for Christmas two years ago more than just once to a tacky sweater party?  Chances are the answer is no, so don’t bother bringing it.  You can pick it up when you go home for Thanksgiving break for the party, that way it won’t be taking up precious closet space all semester.

Other than that have fun with move-in!  Be patient with your parents because chances are, if you’re sweet enough, they’ll buy you bagels and muffins from Panera to last you through the first week.


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