Sorority Recruitment Experience: Round 1


To start off, Greek life isn’t for everyone.  Some girls never want to rush and some go through rush but decide not to join in the end.  That is perfectly fine.  I do suggest at least going through rush (even if you know you don’t want to join) because it is a great way to meet people (thats basically what you do all day long during recruitment).  I am not going to name any of the sororities here at my school or my experience at each specific one.  First of all, I am pretty much forbidden to do so and second its really unfair to talk about things like that since every school and chapter are different.

So for Round 1 you go around and meet all of the houses (we have 11 here so its broken up into two days).  Be prepared to sweat, like a lot.  So my suggestion would be to take a hair tie (to tie up your hair when you walk from house to house) or wear your hair up in a cute low side bun to keep it up off your neck.  My second suggestion would be to go easy on the amount of makeup you wear.  If you sweat or have oily skin then your makeup will slip and slide all over the place and that is not a cute look whatsoever.  My last suggestion is to wear comfortable shoes.  Most girls at my school going through rush wore Jack Rogers or cute sandals.  By the end of the day they were all complaining about how much their feet hurt.  I wore fun floral oxfords and my feet were fine.  So wear comfortable (but cute!) shoes that are easy to walk around in.  Or wear comfortable shoes to walk in but change into the cuter less comfy ones right before meeting the house.

It may seem like absolute madness.  The second you walk into a house you are surrounded by tons of screaming, singing, jumping, clapping girls. Then you are escorted into a room to listen to a short speech by some of the chapter presidents or heads of such-and-such before having a short conversation with one or two active members about topics like major and hometown and high school activities.  Then you are led out with more singing, screaming, clapping, and jumping girls.  Like I said before, every school and chapter are different but from what I’ve heard from most of my friends going through rush at different schools, its a lot like that.  By the end of Round 1 you vote on houses and they vote on you.  During the rest of the rounds you slowly vote down on houses until you end up in the one just for you!  So if you’re currently going through recruitment too or are about to, I wish all of you the very best of luck!!!  Also never forget your smile, it not only makes your outer beauty shine but allows your inner beauty to shine through as well!


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