University 101

The title is a little deceiving but my school offers a class that helps you better know your university and to help guide you along your first semester at college.  Blog posts are one of the types of assignments I receive in that class so without further ado (hi Professor Lake!).

A little about me, I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina and I absolutely love it here!!  I am majoring in Visual Communications with the plans to either start work as a graphic designer or possibly go on to cosmetology school after graduation to become a consultant/artist.  I am from Kentucky (the heart of the bluegrass) and was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to go out-of-state for college.  So why wouldn’t I take this wonderful opportunity to branch out and meet new people and go new places?  And what I hope to gain from University 101 (the class) is some amazing new friends and memories!  Also, although I’ve been slacking the past two-ish weeks, I do plan to tell you guys about my experiences here at USC.

Also sorority recruitment experience parts 2-5 coming up soon!


One thought on “University 101

  1. Erica Lake says:

    So glad to hear that you love USC! Looking forward to learning more about your experience here in SC. I’m excited to share this first semester with you!

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