Sorority Recruitment Round 2


Well I know its been a while but for those of you who haven’t gone through rush yet at their school or plan to in the future, I have been and am retelling about my experience.  There are 11 sororities at my school, so for the first round you visit all 11 for roughly 20 minutes.  Then you go through voting and write down x number of houses you didn’t particularly want to go back to.  However, the system here is all through a computer with some large long algorithm that calculates what houses you end up having to go back to.  The process is confusing, you drop houses and they’re simultaneously dropping you.  There will be houses you tried to drop that you have to go back to and there will be houses you liked that you don’t get to go back to.  Don’t take anything too heavyhearted.  Instead, stand back and try to think of the reasons that you like such-and-such house to begin with.  Was it for good reasons?  If not then you probably wouldn’t have wanted to be in the house in the end.  And with the houses that you get back that you didn’t think you liked, give them a second shot because you could always change your mind and realize that you end up loving them.

But all in all have fun with the process.  Don’t get too upset with whatever happens because in the end, almost everyone ends up in the house that is perfect for them.


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