Sorority Recruitment Round 3: Philanthropy Day


Philanthropy is basically the Greek version of community service and volunteer work.  Every sorority has their own philanthropies that they work with.  For this round (and this is for rush here at my school) girls could finally wear their cute little sundresses and sandals instead of the same red or white recruitment t shirt that they’ve had to wear the entire week before.  You still want to dress comfortably but at the same time look cute.

At each of the houses, the girls will talk about their philanthropies.  So they’ve probably already talked about their scholarship incentives (and how they get their members to keep making good grades) and their leadership on campus.  Their philanthropy day is the day when they get to gently tug at your heartstrings and make you passionate about the same issues they are.  I think its a great way to continue volunteering around the community (something I did often in high school and wanted to continue doing in college) especially if you go to a large school like I do and are a little uncertain about ways to get involved.

We had previously knocked down our list of houses from 11 -> 8 -> 5.  So after round 3, its back to voting to go from 5 to 2.  That round of voting is the most difficult.  Follow your gut.  Close your eyes and think for a moment that if you had to go to any of those houses right in that moment, which one it would be.  Things usually tend to work out and for the better.  Most importantly though, remember to have fun and keep up a positive spirit.


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