Don’t Skimp on Skincare!


This may sound completely crazy but one things I’ve learned most in college (from a beauty point of view) is not to skimp on your skin care routine!!!  My skin care routine has always been like a second religion to me.  I used to break out really bad my junior year of high school (my guess would be mainly because of high levels of stress).  I eventually developed a routine that worked best for my sensitive skin type that helped keep my face clear.

In college, the myths about late nights and going out, aren’t myths at all.  By the time 2-3 AM rolls around, you’re just too tired to bother taking off your makeup or applying that night cream.  No matter how tired you are don’t leave things the way they are!  Sleeping in makeup is so bad for your skin.  It clogs your pores, causes breakouts, and makes your skin look all dull and ruddy.  I didn’t take care of my skin for a couple days and immediately paid the price for it.  So no matter how late it is or how tired you are, keep taking care of your skin.  You’ll be thankful you did later on.


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