First Month of College


I couldn’t resist the college picture cliche.  I have been here at school for almost a full month now.  Its so crazy for me to believe sometimes because the time has literally flown by!  Already I’ve made a ton of new friends and experienced a ton of new things.

Going to a school where I didn’t know anyone terrified me.  I didn’t know how I’d be able to make new friends (one of the reasons I wanted to join a sorority so badly).  I was worried about what my roommate would be like.  A pathetic worry really because I got super lucky with one of the world’s best roommates ever!  She and I are like the same crazy person in two different bodies.  And of course I was nervous about my classes.  Everyone always tells you going into school that college classes are the hardest.  I personally enjoy most of my classes (except french because I can’t speak a word of it).

One thing I noticed over the past several weeks is time management.  Thats easily one of the most important things you need to get a good grip on when first entering college life.  Between classes, homework, athletic events, parties, meetings, and down time, one has to know how to make it all work.  Going to classes, games, parties, and Greek events are fun and time is easily made for them.  Making time for homework is a lot more difficult.  Theres a fear of missing out that makes us always want to be on the move doing fun stuff with our friends.  Honestly, you won’t be missing out that much if you decide to stay in your dorm catching up on your history reading instead of going out.  Figure out your priorities and stick to them.


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