My Skincare Routine

The other day I posted about the importance of skincare and doing your routine every single day.  So I figured why not share mine with you?  Its a little long and tedious but its the only thing I found that works for me.

71Rsga5LzeL._SL1500_ 00500197_purity_made_simple_re_a1-1 cla-112_1z clean-clear-persa-gel-10 Proactiv-Acne-Products proactiv-green-tea-moisturizer


A.M.: Proactiv 3 step system followed by the proactiv green tea moisturizer.  I swear by this system because without it life would be (and was for a while in high school) unbearable.

P.M.: I remove my makeup with one of the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.  Then I use my Mia 2 (I wrote a review about it a while ago but now Im an addict) with Philosophy Purity Made Simple followed by my proactiv 3 step again and some Clean & Clear Persa-gel 10.

In the mornings, if I’m in a hurry, sometimes I’ll just splash some water on my face to clean it up and make me look more awake. At night, I get really lazy and don’t want to do every step in my routine but I make myself.  But I’m like everyone else and I have those days when I just can’t (as long as my makeup is off when I go to sleep I’m good).


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