Sorority Recruitment Round 4: Preference Night

pref round graphic

Okay so now its time for round 4, Pref Night!  This day is always the most fun (at least in my opinion) because you get to spend a lot of time at the houses now and meet several of the members.  Did I mention you also get to dress up?

So for Pref you want to look like a polished version of yourself in a nice dress.  Don’t go too crazy with a floor length ball gown and stilettos with professional hair and makeup jobs.  I’m sorry but you aren’t attending the Grammy’s, you’re going to a house for about an hour or so to learn about the sorority.  A cute dress (modest ladies) that flatters your figure and coloring with a pair of nude heels would be perfect.  If I haven’t mentioned this already, try to avoid wearing black or white dresses on the days you need to dress up.  For pinning and initiation, you wear white.  So don’t waste your perfect lwd during one of the rounds.  The sisters of the sororities tend to typically wear black on Pref Night which is why you most likely won’t want to wear your Holly Golightly-esque lbd from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Wear a comfortable pair of flats, sandals, or flip flops between the houses so your feet don’t hurt.  Just make sure you remember to change into that perfect pair of gorgeous heels outside of the house so you don’t accidentally walk in while wearing your bright green shower shoes.


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