Inspirational Words

Just thought I would start off today with an inspirational word or two.  Just kidding, I’m sharing my favorite quote though.

People always ask what ones favorite quote is.  Personally, I have never had something just stick out to me so much and impact me in a way that had meaning on my life.  However, my freshman year of high school my friend introduced me to a band and made me watch one of their band documentaries.  To sum up the entire video, it was just a bunch of guys running around doing and saying stupid stuff while playing music.  To this day, my friend and I quote that movie so much that I am almost certain people think we are crazy because it never makes any sense.

One thing we still always say is, “it’s complete and utter mayhem” and we just shout it.  Randomly. Then we bust out laughing while people stare at us like we are insane.  That particular quote has absolutely no meaning behind it, but I think the reason it has so much meaning to me is because it reminds me of one of my closest friends throughout high school and all of the good times we had together.


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