Stress and How to Handle It


Life is full of stressful things that we have to deal with.  And for those of you in college, you know exactly what I am talking about what with midterms coming up and all.  One of the biggest stressors I have discovered in college is that you need to change your habits and stay on top of your schoolwork because if not, you’re in for it.

A lot of my friends and I didn’t really do much in high school in the means of actual schoolwork.  We just sat around and watched movies all day (tough life I know).  So when we got to college and actually had to study we were a little overwhelmed.  Here’s my hint to you: start studying early and take good notes in class.  You dont want the day before a big test to suddenly come and you dont even know one thing thats going to be on the exam.  Participate in class, go over the notes again after you’ve taken them, read the text, and if you still are having a hard time with some of the topics go in to see your professor during their office hours.  They have those office hours to help you, you just have to take the initiative to go see them.

If you’re having a hard time dealing with stress, find out what helps you get rid of it.  Whether it be a big hug from a good friend, a bowl of ice cream, or going for a good run.  I like to take long hot showers and take a few deep breaths (sorry for all of the other girls who live on my floor when this happens because there is only one shower that has hot water).  Then I can come back to whatever it was I was doing feeling refreshed and relaxed.  My roommate like to go to the gym or go for a long run when she’s stressed.  Everyone has their different things they like to do.


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