2014 October Favorites

Hello all!  It has been such a long time since I’ve done a monthly favorites post (or any post for that matter).  I have put together a lovely little list of the things I’ve been digging for the month of October (my favorite month of the year) to share with you guys.


Starting with skin: I got a sample of some Lumene gentle cleansing wipes from a friend a couple of months ago and didn’t bother trying them because I liked my Neutrogena ones so much.  However, when I did use these, I loved them!  They were so gentle on my skin and took off every last bit of makeup with zero rubbing or swiping.


Next on to makeup: I love wearing a powder foundation in the Fall instead of my typical summertime bare skin.  Benefits Stay Flawless 15 hr face primer is perfect to hold onto your powder and help keep skin matte and smooth all day.  I mainly would just put this on my T-zone and pat it in before applying my Bareminerals Original Foundation


Revlon lipstick in the color Spicy Cinnamon.  This is the most gorgeous color for fall!  I just moisturize my lips with a bit of Rosebud salve and dab on a bit of this color for a a perfectly natural muted red lip.


I adore Smith’s Rosebud Salve during this time of year! It provides instant moisture to those cold, chapped lips which helps lipstick to apply a lot more smoothly.  I just sometimes wish I had gotten the tube form instead of the tub because it would prevent my fingers from getting messy.


Not only do I need to keep my lips nice and moisturized but I do my hair as well.  Aussie’s 3 Min Miracle is a perfect deep conditioner for a girl in a pinch with a budget.


Moving on to clothing/fashion: I am totally digging the green military/field jacket trend.  A nice pair of jeans, some boots or flats, and a fun colorful scarf.  Instant chic outfit for the coming cold weather.


Hunter wellies, I want a pair so bad but am struggling with what color to get (I love all their bright colors).  But with these colder months layers and boots are a must.  These are perfect because they are waterproof for those surprise rains.


Tobi is probably one of my most unhealthy current obsessions.  I am obsessed with all of their clothes and my bank account doesn’t like it.


This one is a little bit more random but I just pulled out my Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath air freshener and getting really excited for Thanksgiving.  The apples and cinnamon create the perfect background scent for Autumn.


I get Einsteins almost everyday. And even better news, they just brought out their Winter Blend coffee (LOVE).  It’s like Christmas in a cup!  Basically I am getting really excited for the holiday season.


Pears are my absolute favorite fruit ever!  I have been eating them non-stop during these past couple of months and don’t think I will ever be able to get enough.


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