Studying Abroad?


I have considered studying abroad in a couple of years for a semester or two with my friend Kat.  The countries I have been looking at are Ireland, England, or Australia because they have programs that work with my major in an exchange program.  I still don’t know yet if studying abroad will be a possibility for me or not yet but I guess we’ll see when the time comes.

Before applying for a study abroad program always be sure to check what all your school or college offers.  There are certain things required to participate in such programs like GPA and academic area of study.  Also be sure to check what language courses will be offered in, if you only took two semesters of German and go to Spain where all the classes are taught in Spanish, you may want to consider going somewhere other than Spain.

Financially?  Studying abroad can cost a lot but there are always scholarships and things that may be offered to help with the cost.  Some programs let you pay your regular tuition when studying abroad while others you would have to pay the tuition at the school you’re traveling to.  Make sure you go over the costs carefully so nothing surprises you.

Studying abroad is a great experience that looks amazing on job applications and resumes.  If given the opportunity, I definitely suggest trying to or looking into potentially studying abroad at least for a semester or a may-mester (a couple of weeks during the month of may)!


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