Graduation Checklist

So, my first semester of freshman year is almost to an end.  I got a prompt that suggests making a list of 10 things that I want to accomplish or achieve before graduation.  So here is my list that I’m going to share with you all:

1) To make better use of my group fitness pass (I know, I know, I bought one and have used it. . . once)

2) Maintaining good grades to keep my scholarships (keeping good grades can more often than not be really difficult for college students. Between late nights and extracurriculars, time is easily consumed without our knowledge, we just need to be sure to remember to save some of that time for studying)

3) Head of Tshirt committee (Basically I want to help be in charge of designing and distributing the function shirts for my sorority because it incorporates two of my loves: graphic design and my sorority)

4) Rush or Social Chair (At some point I would love to hold either of these positions in my sorority.  However, they are difficult to get since there is no campaigning allowed.  I want to just get more involved and I feel like not only would that allow me to get involved, but both position is a great way to get other girls more excited about getting involved as well)

5) Maintain healthy relationships with those around me (I adore each and every one of my friends I have made here at school so far)

6) Graduate with a clear career path ahead of me (I am always changing my mind about what I want to do with my life, hopefully I have everything all figured out by the time I graduate)

7) Keep off the freshman -and sophomore- 15 (refer back to goal number 1)

8) Get a dog (This one sounds silly, but I fell in love with the most adorable dog the other day while volunteering at a pet rescue center.  Her name is Pumpkin Pie and she made me wish I could adopt her right then and there despite the fact my dorm doesn’t allow pets and that I’m under 21)

9) Cook more (I have missed cooking so much!  It’s one of the reasons I can’t wait to move into my apartment next year because I’ll have an actual kitchen to cook in)

10) Study abroad? (This has a question mark next to it because I haven’t yet decided if I want to study abroad yet or not.  I would love to keep the option open in case one day I do decide to go somewhere)


Pumpkin Pie and I, I just wanted to stay and snuggle with her all day!




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