Its A New Year


Can I start off by saying how much I love the layout and ease of the updates wordpress has now?  Clearly I haven’t been writing much so I haven’t noticed the updates until just now.  Needless to say its almost 2015 (already!?!) and time to start making some new resolutions.  One of my resolutions from last year was to write almost everyday and we can all see how that one turned out

Resolutions are hard to keep (let alone make) but its always easier when you have a group of people working with you to keep you accountable. Every year our resolutions probably end up looking something like this

We write resolutions that we very rarely keep. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re writing resolutions for the wrong reasons and thats why they very rarely get accomplished? We write things like “lose weight” or “exercise and eat healthier” to try to change how we look. We write things like that because we don’t like the way we look, not because it is whats best for us and our bodies. We write”change bad habits” but old habits die hard. Instead of trying to change them, make your resolution sound more like working with your habits and using them to your advantage. Instead of working to make yourself look a certain way, try a resolution that works more toward just doing whats best for your body. Positive things will come of it and it will end up being a lot easier to accomplish. Love who you are and make resolutions for the right reasons, no one can make you feel inferior but yourself.  Or you’re already as perfect as Beyonce and in that case. . .calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions


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