Favorites of 2014

It has been so incredibly incredibly long since I’ve last posted a favorites.  Instead of just doing one for December, I did one big list for the year of 2014.  All of my favorite things and products that I have loved constantly throughout the entire year.

So lets start off with the makeup and beauty products I have loved:

2205_e 2222035 bb_p image.axd_ images large-palette neutrogena-body-clear-body-wash -pink-grapefruit philosophy-purity-made-simple-one-step-facial-cleanser

L’Occitane Hand Creme: I have probably talked about this stuff before but thats because its amazing.  It deeply moisturized your skin and lasts through several hand washings.  One of my favorite scents is the rose one.  I got my mom a set of their hand creams for Christmas last year and converted her too.

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara: Everyone would always rave about L’Oreal mascaras so I got one and tried it but I didn’t like it that much.  Then I decided to try a different L’Oreal mascara and I loved this one! It gives me some of the longest fattest lashes and I absolutely adore the mesmerizing effect it gives my eyes.  So many of my friends complimented me on my eyes even when I was wearing nothing but mascara.

Watermelon Lipsmackers: Candy for your lips!  Lipsmackers is a throwback to junior high when all of your lip glosses had to be sparkly with some tint of pink to it and a super fruity flavor.  I know how it sounds but this stuff really works.  It is one of the only lip balms I can use that really works to moisturize my lips and keep them that way.

Bareminerals Original Fundation (Medium Beige): Over the summer I didn’t really wear foundation.  During Fall I like to wear a weightless powder foundation and this one is my go-to.  Not only does it provide amazing coverage but it also is a lot more gentle on sensitive skin like my own.

Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick from Jaclyn Hill’s Collection: I have an obsession with Jaclyn Hill and her youtube videos.  She works with Gerard Cosmetics and produced a lip line that is absolutely gorgeous.  I ordered the Jaclyn’s Gems set that included two lipsticks (Buttercream and 1995) and two lip glosses (Rose Hill and Buttercream).  1995 is a gorgeous vintage pouty red.  Its so perfect for everyday wear because it adds just the right amount of color to your lips to make them look a little more glamorous for everyday.

Z Palette: Z palettes are essentially empty magnetic makeup palettes for you to fill with your own eyeshadows and products.  They are so incredibly handy and perfect for travel because not only does it hold eye products, but face and lip as well. You can also get them in an array of sizes and colors.

Neutrogena Grapefruit Body Wash: This stuff is amazing for keeping your skin clear.  Not to mention is smells so delightfully citrus-y that you instantly start craving the fruit itself every time you shower.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple: This is a cult classic.  It has made almost every list of top cleansers and there is a reason as to why.  It is super gentle on the skin, removes every trace of makeup, and leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized instead of stripped.  It is a definite must have in my book.

Now on to Fashion Favorites:

600x900 4502-DEFAULT-l black-heel-ankle-bootsdaniel-attract-womens-high-heeled-ankle-boot-women-shoes-women-gemvjfbv

Tobi Navy Sparkler Sequin Dress: I made a huge Tobi order a couple of months ago and absolutely fell in love with this dress.  I wore it to my sorority semi-formal and again to a fraternities semi-formal.  Its just the right amount of classy and hot plus it sparkles so of course I automatically love it.


Spirit Jerseys: I have been wanting some for so long and finally got some for Christmas.  They are so comfortable and absolutely perfect for throwing on with a pair of leggings when out running errands or just lounging around the house.

Ankle Boot Heels:  Okay, any ankle boot heels are an obsession of mine.  I have three pairs and wear them everywhere.  Find a style that suits you best and pick a color that compliments a majority of your wardrobe.  Then you can wear them with virtually anything.  I have a pair of camel colored lace up wedges, a pair of taupe lace up heels, and black pointed-toe heels.  Literally my go-to shoe every.single.day.

These last couple items are just life related:

pears posizione1_notebook_230

images-2 Dr-Georges-Dental-White-Teeth-Whitening-System

Pears: Probably been in a favorites post before but thats because pears are my favorite fruit and I never realized how much I loved them until this year.  I try to always keep some in my dorm room as a snack.

Moleskine Notebook: I have always been one of those people who keeps a journal with them at all times and jots down ideas and lists and sketches, basically whatever comes to mind.  In the past its always been just some random composition notebook but this year I decided to get a Moleskine because one of my favorite bloggers to follow (The College Prepster) always raved about hers.  I am now a convert.  My Moleskine and planner are my life and without them I would probably lose my mind.

My Coffee Order: While in New York for our senior trip back in March, one of my friends ordered a really “complicated” drink at Starbucks.  Usually, being young and inexperienced about a lot of things in the world, my friends and I would order something simple and already on the menu like a caramel macchiato.  She ordered a venti blonde roast with steamed skim milk and 10 pumps of hazelnut.  I switched the last part to be 5 hazelnut and 5 vanilla.  Its absolutely divine!

Dr. George’s Dental White: This belongs under the beauty products category but this stuff is life altering.  I use it before big events or before going out and even after just one treatment your smile is brighter and whiter.  Use it for the recommended time length and your smile is dazzling.  The results also last for a while instead of fading after a couple of days.  Did I mention it was one of the cheapest teeth whitening products in the market?  If you’re looking for a whitening product that works, is inexpensive, and lasts, then get this!


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