Review: Philosophy Purity Made Simple


This product made it onto my 2014 Favorites post even though I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. Its that amazing!  Over the summer I bought the Purity Made Simple Gel cleanser and did a review on it.  I love the gel cleanser for oily skin especially during the hot months of summer and early fall when my skin gets super oily out the wazoo.  During the winter months, its a total 180 and dry as a desert.  The gel was just drying my skin out more and I was running out.  Regardless I had to run out to my nearest Sephora and pick up a new daily cleanser.  I decided to give this one a whirl since I liked the other so much and it got rave reviews.

After the first wash, I was a convert.  The formula is so gentle and creamy.  I could literally feel it putting moisture back into my skin and it cleansed.  It melted away all the dirt and makeup from the day like it was nothing (but then again I don’t really wear waterproof makeup to begin with).  On the bottle, it claims to be formulated without fragrances but the cleanser itself does have a slight scent to it that I find really refreshing.  Perfect after a long hard day or to help wake you up in the morning.

I changed up my skincare routine quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.  The overall condition of my skin has improved drastically since so there might be a new updated skincare routine post coming up soon.  This has helped tremendously.


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