My Resolutions

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!  A couple of days ago I made a post about New Year’s resolutions coming from a healthy mindset instead of a negative one, especially when it came to self image.  So I figured now I could share a few of my resolutions with you!

1) Meet new people and maintain positive relationships with those around me.  In college you meet so many new people and establish a lot of new lifelong friendships.  Some of the best relationships are those built on positivity.  No one wants to hang out with a debbie-downer all the time.

2) Start walking more.  Now that I am on the Greek meal plan (everyone in a sorority has to be at my school) I am no longer tempted by all of the greasy food in the dining halls.  It also mean that I will have to take a nice long walk a couple of times a day down to the house to eat.  It may  not be a ton of exercise but at least it would be a step in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle.  The fitness center is also right by the house so maybe, just maybe I’ll be more motivated to using my fitness pass.

3) Blogging more.  Let’s face it, I haven’t blogged much in the past.  I actually like writing these posts and I know I have the time to do them.  Netflix doesn’t necessarily count as a priority of my time.

4) More DIY projects and crafts.  I love painting and crafting because its an excellent stress reliever and you get a ton of cute stuff out of it.  I have some gifts to make, future apartment decor to be working on, and projects for my future little.

5) Take my time and focus on the happy things.  I tend to waste away my time trying to speed it along and typically glance over the good things.  Easier said than done but something as simple as eating a favorite food for breakfast can instantly brighten your day and help you to enjoy things more.

I chose my resolutions because they’re things that make me happy.  Not only do they help make me happy, but they help me to better myself in a good way.  They are relatively small easy things that benefit.  If you like to make big goals or set long term goals but always end up having a hard time finishing them, break them down into small short term goals.  That way you can accomplish the small ones to slowly build your way to finishing the overall bigger goal.


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