Coffee Talk: Spring Break and Life Update


This is the time of year when everyone always gets excited about their plans for spring break.  I don’t blame them, going to the beach for a week with your friends?  Duh that equals excitement.  Just remember to wear sunscreen!!  There are a lot of super cute swimsuits at Victoria’s Secret right now too.  My roommate just got some of the cutest pieces and I’m actually kinda jealous for when we go to the pool now that its finally warm again.  For spring break I went to Destin, Florida and met up with some friends.  Unfortunately, it was rainy and overcast for a majority of the week so I spent my time apartment shopping and finding some super cute throw pillows and decorations for next year.

For those of you who live or go to school in the south, you’ve probably heard of Carolina Cup at some point.  It’s a horse race that people usually get dressed up for in cute Lilly dresses and colorful hats!  And for college girls planning to go, I highly recommend going with a fraternity.  Not to promote/demote Greek life but if you go with just friends, you have to figure out rides, drivers, parking, etc.  With a fraternity, they usually have tents set up and buses to take you there.  Did I mention you get to paint a super cute cooler?  Cooler painting is a southern woman tradition and there will be a post coming up about the cooler I’m painting and some helpful tips about how to do it.

And final update, my sorority has been prepping for recruitment next fall.  It doesn’t sound like it would be a lot of work does it?  I didn’t think so but man was I wrong.  So many songs, cheers, dances, jumping, screaming, clapping, sweating, and charts!  Its fun but sometimes exhausting work.  Regardless I am so excited to go through recruitment again and either update my posts for girls who plan to rush and about what rush is like on the other side.

Now grab a cup of coffee, put on some lipstick, and get ready to conquer the day!


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