Gear Up for Carolina Cup


Its that time of year again! The time of derbies and cups (as well as proms and formals but we’ll get to that in later posts)!!  Everyone get your coolers painted, your hats monogrammed, and your jacks broken into.  I am from Kentucky and we all know Kentucky is famous for its horses and its yearly derby (Keeneland was always a popular hangout spot in my hometown during the months of April and October).  However, I actually now attend the University of South Carolina meaning that the big event down here is the Carolina Cup.  For Carolina Cup, usually a guy will ask a girl to go with him or a group of friends will all go together!  Being a huge participant in my schools Greek life, of course I was thrilled to be asked by a guy friend in one of my favorite fraternities.  He gets the tickets, I paint the cooler.  Win-win if you ask me.

Usually girls wear Lilly dresses and monogrammed hats with cute little sandals.  Before you go splurging hundreds of dollars on expensive outfits, remember what the weather is going to be like and who you’re going with.  Fraternities for example set up huge tailgating tents in a dirt lot.  Wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty.  Also factor in that a lot of times it rains since it is springtime.  So wear something that won’t get water damaged.  Personally, I plan to wear a simple romper and some comfy shoes with my hair in a ponytail instead of a hat.  Knowing myself, I would take the hat off and lose it if I got wet from rain or sweat.

Also just as a warning for fellow minors out there who are going to this event or one similar: please, please, please be careful and drink responsibly if you do plan on drinking.  Police are everywhere and eager to hand out MIPs, I wouldn’t want any of you to get in trouble or potentially ruin your college/working careers over something going wrong.  Even if you get written up and pay it off, it will most likely manage to get its way back to the university and potential employers.  Other than that everyone have fun and be sure to post cute pics all over social media!


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