Coffee Talk: Summer Plans


What up fellow beauty and style lovers?!  I am so excited for summer to be here (can’t you tell)!  I only have one final left tomorrow morning and I’ve been prepping for it for the past week and a half.  As soon as its over, I’m packing up the car and headed home.  Freshman year was fun but exhausting.  You go through so much from friends and boys and drama and school itself.  Part of the time it felt like I was going through hell and other times it felt like I was on top of the world.  You know that scene from Perks of Being a Wallflower where Logan Lerman?  The one where they’re in the truck riding through a tunnel onto a bridge and he talks about how, in that moment, they were infinite?  A lot of moments like that, where you just feel as if nothing in the world could be better than right here and now.  I love my school and all of my friends that I made here.  However, I’m still really looking forward to going home and seeing my family.  Packing up my life from the past year into a couple of plastic bins and trash bags is so bittersweet.  You’re sad to see all the memories go but excited for what’s to come!  I don’t want my roommate to not be my roommate anymore!  We went completely random on our housing applications and I got so incredibly lucky with her (I’ve heard a lot of horror stories)!  I always tell people a match made in heaven!

This summer I have a full time marketing internship but hopefully it doesn’t take away from my blog time.  It has been the thing that has kept me sane during this past week while everyone’s stressing about finals and packing.  I have a lot of ideas for future posts and reviews and tips that I want to do so fingers crossed!  One of the series I want to try is an apartment decor one.  I’m getting an apartment next year and have a lot of ideas for it (how to decorate without breaking bank).  Not to mention I might try like a healthy living one.  This semester I started to eat better and workout more and I have never felt so good!  So yeah, hope y’all are studying up and finishing strong.  This summers gonna be a good one.


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