OOTD: First Day of Work

I haven’t really posted any outfit of the day’s before but I figured why not for this topic.  I love dressing up in cute skirts and dresses for work but never know what specific outfit to wear for the first day.  The first day is the most important to leave the very best impression you can around the office since its usually your “orientation” day of sorts where you learn whats-what and whos-who.  People will see you and either take you seriously around the office or not.  My first day was last Monday so instead of a coffee talk today I’m sharing with y’all what I wore on my first day.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.23.36 PM

What I wore:

Top- I wore a Matte Sleeveless Crepe Top in white from Old Navy

Blazer- Navy fitted blazer borrowed from my mother’s closet (my favorite place to shop!)

Skirt- I got a red print skirt from Anthropologie a couple of years ago that is singlehandedly my favorite skirt I have ever purchased.  It was in the sale room on clearance during a time when I was looking specifically for a red skirt.  Talk about a God-send!

Shoes- Nude heels from the Jessica Simpson collection (I purchased mine from Dillard’s)

Accessories- I kept mine relatively simple with a basic pair of diamond studs.  I buy the large packs of diamond and pearl studs from Claire’s since I have such a horrible habit of always losing my earrings.

Makeup- Again kept relatively simple with a bit of powder foundation (I love my Bareminerals Original Foundation!! but the MAC naturalized skin finish is great for a little bit of sheer coverage that helps keep oils at bay).  For my eyes I just flared my lashes out with a but of mascara (currently using Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara and liking it alright).  Finished with a light wash of color on my lips (I think I wore Benefit Cosmetics Lollibalm instead of Benebalm because I liked the way the pink balanced with the red of the skirt and the navy of the blazer).

I hope y’all enjoyed this post!  In the meantime I hope you’re enjoying your summer and have a lot of fun things planned!


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