Organization: Summer Agenda


I am obsessed with my agenda.  If I don’t have it my entire day week life is out of order and I get absolutely nothing done.  Students need some sort of planner or agenda to help them stay organized during the school year.  If I didn’t have my agenda with me during school or I left it at my dorm when I rushed out the door for class, I would at least write down assignments and due dates on a some form of paper or as a note on my phone or laptop.  Then when I got back, I would immediately write it down in my planner.  Agendas are great for school but does anyone actually use theirs during the summer months either?

I got the Lilly Pulitzer agenda in large in the exact print pictured above.  It goes from August 2014 through December 2015.  Its a waste to only use it during those 9 months of school.  I work full time during the summer (or at least I have been for the past couple summers) and using an agenda is actually really helpful then as well.  Currently, I’m working as a marketing intern for a software company.  Every couple of days my boss sends me a list of things I need to get done before a certain date.  On top of that I have a personal list of things to get done (chores, career stuff, working out, painting my nails -obviously has to be on a list since it takes time and effort to get the perfect set of claws- et cetera).  So once a week I lay out my planner and go through what tasks I need to get done each day in order to accomplish everything I want/need by the end of the week.  As I get them done I cross them off.

As for personal appointments or events.  I write them at the top of each day along with the time and place in a different color.  For example, I’m having brunch with one of my close friends this weekend and attending a friends wedding the next.  So I’d write “Brunch w/ Cara @ 10 – Doodles” on Saturday followed by the things I need to get done that day. “clean bathroom, laundry, vacuum, PR ideas, update e-news contact lists”.  That way my summer is not only fun, but its productive as well.  Girls gotta get stuff done and stay busy!


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