Summer Makeup Routine: Golden Goddess

Alright beauty lovers, here is my updated makeup routine that I do over the summer!  It’s light enough for everyday wear, professional and clean enough for work, and goes with everything!


Products: Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm (in medium), Physicians Formula Argan Bronzer, Big kabuki brush (mine’s from E.L.F.), Revlon Brow Fantasy pencil and gel (light), L’Oreal Super Liner (in black), Benefit Cosmetics Posiebalm, and L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara (also in black).

Beauty balms are perfect go-to’s for students and summertime.  It’s so light on the skin and provides many benefits that normally would have to come from several layers of different products.  A lot of people complain that Urban Decay’s doesn’t provide much coverage.  I like it for that reason, it’s a nice base under a dab of powder and has a nice natural finish (matte dries me out too much and anything dewey just looks awful on my already massively oily self).  It also doesn’t break me out, huge bonus since my skin is super sensitive as well.  Physicians Formula Bronzer also doesn’t break my skin out while providing a nice warm glow during the summer months meaning I get the tan without the harmful rays.  Next I fill in my brows with a pencil and finish them off with a bit of the gel to keep them in place and ensure the pencil doesn’t melt off and smear all over.  Sometimes I just skip the eyeshadow and draw a simple wing with my eyeliner to add a little emphasis to my eyes followed by two coats of my favorite L’Oreal mascara.  I’ve already mentioned how much I am loving Benefit Cosmetics new line of tinted lip balms that match their cheek stains!  They’re literally the perfect wash of color to finish off any look!  The hardest part of my morning is figuring out which one I want to use that day.


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