Makeup Prettilist

As I have mentioned before in past favorites posts, I love following the blog Maskcara.  She is the cutest mom to an adorable family with killer style and beauty tips.  She’s also always positive which makes her blog light and fun to follow.  One thing she did that inspired this post is her list of favorite makeup and beauty products that she calls “The Prettilist”.  This is my own version of that with my own favorite products (some are the same as hers since her list is what introduced them to me).

Makeup Prettilist

Face Primer: elf Mineral Infused Primer. I’ve tried several from this to the cult favorite Smashbox face primer.  It works just as well maybe even better.  And for the price, you really can’t beat it.  I used this before every party or event in high school and my makeup didn’t smudge or disappear a bit.

Foundation: Bareminerals Original Foundation (powder) and Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (liquid).  I love how both look and feel on my skin.  Neither breaks me out and both provide the perfect amount of coverage.

Beauty Balm: I’ve mentioned several times how much I love this product.  Literally perfect for everyday wear for me.

Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Brightens up my undereye area without looking cakey and lasts.  For blemishes and things I just use a bit of the Bareminerals Foundation with a concealer brush.

Illuminator: Urban Decay Illuminator is so pretty and sparkly.  Perfect for when you want to go out with a little extra glow.

Blush: Nars and Milani have excellent color payoff. Ones a bit more on the pricey side and the other is more affordable from the drug store.

Bronzer: Again Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is a pricier version for contouring and glowing while L’Oreal TruMatch Powder in a darker color like cocoa is a much cheaper version that works just as well.

False Lashes and Glue: Ardell lashes are great and found in any drugstore.  I apply them using Duo Lash Glue.  If you’re in a pinch and don’t have lash glue Elmer’s School Glue works as a quick save.  These lashes are inexpensive but perfect for adding drama and flare to any look.

Eye Primer (not pictured): I completely forgot to add the pictures of my favorite eye primers when making this compilation.  I always like using the Urban Decay Primer Potion when I really want my shadow to stick for a long time.  However, for daily use I like to use a shimmery champagne base with the Maybelline Eye Tattoo in Barely Branded.  It lasts for a long time and looks gorgeous alone or under shadow.

Palette: I’m a sucker for my Urban Decay Naked 1 palette (the other two are also awesome but the first, in my mind, will always be the greatest).  I also love making my own palettes with single shadows and my Z-palette.

Eyebrows: Instead of buying two products, gel and pencil, Revlon has combined them in a duo ended brow expert.  Revlon Fantasy Brow Gel and Pencil is perfect for getting that brow game on fleek.

Eyeliner: Everyone has their eyeliner of choice. Mine would just so happen to be a black liquid liner.  A little flick of L’Oreal Liquid Liner for everyday or a strong wing for going out, this gets the job done.

Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara is my obsession.  I have turned several friends to use it.  One or two coats for nice full lashes during the day, add a little more later at night for more drama.  I like the non-waterproof because waterproof just feels weird on my lashes for some reason.

Lip moisturizer: Jack Black lip balm in Original Mint.  My savior.  I use this every.single.night.  Especially during the cold winter months when my lips get super chapped, a bit of this and they’re smoother than a baby’s bottom.

Lip Liner: NYX lip pencil in taupe.  This is one I got for Maskcara and I’m glad I did.  The neutral works with literally any lip color and keeps lipstick from bleeding.

Lip Gloss: The name runs true, Dior’s Lip Addict lipgloss.  They’re super glossy and shimmery and perfect for when I want to go out with friends or want to dress up a look a bit with a fun gloss.  Gerard Cosmetics lip glosses are also amazing, they’re super pigmented and act kind of like a liquid lipstick. Revlon’s Pango Peach is also a great shimmery peach color that I love during the warmer months.

Everyday/thing Lipcolor: Gerard Cosmetics 1995 lipstick is my absolute favorite lipstick ever.  If anything happened to it I would probably cry in a corner for the rest of my life (or until the new one I ordered finally came in).  Its the perfect addition to literally any outfit and is the color that is noticeable but like you aren’t really trying.

Red Lipcolor: For a gorgeous classic red I love NYX Round Case Lipstick in Chic Red.  For a brighter, more playful red I like NYX Round Case Lipstick in Eros.  At $4 a tube, they cant be beat.

Dark Lipcolor: Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry needs its own cult following.  It’s dark and dramatic and vampy while being glamorous all at the same time.  It’s also a steal at $8 a tube.

Pink Lipcolor: (not pictured) I forgot a picture of this one as well, I love Revlon’s Balm Stain in Sweetheart.  When I say it lasts forever I mean it lasts FOREVER.  And the bright pink color is so pigmented and beautiful it looks amazing on almost every skin tone.

Okay guys, I know this was long but there is the final compilation of my favorite makeup products.  If there are any changes in the months/years to come I’ll be sure to update!


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