Coffee Talks: Documentaries


This cup of coffee is so necessary on this rainy Monday.  At least its rainy here where I live.  Anyways I just have a couple updates and currents in my life right now I just wanted to blab about for a second.  The first is that I am picking a ton of makeup and beauty products over the next month and placing a huge order which I am so incredibly incredibly excited for!  I haven’t actually gone makeup shopping in a really long time.  My collection had become weak as I was only ever buying a last minute replacement mascara or concealer from the drugstore when I had run out.  I also had to go through a lot of products and throw out the ones that had gotten old or become unusuable (dried out gel eyeliner or empty compacts anyone?)  I actually think it would be fun to do a huge haul post after I get everything in and then maybe a couple first impressions.  Who knows, maybe some of it will become an absolute staple in my makeup bag or maybe I’ll hate it.  So far I have a ton of eyeshadow singles to fill my Z palette and a blush palette as well as a huge set of false lashes (I found a set of 80 for $14 on amazon so I figured why not get it to use to playing around or parties since I am in college and cant exactly afford to spend $30 on a single set of lashes unless there was a big event I was going to) and a new self tanner so we’ll see.

This past week I have gotten really into the TV show Elementary and random documentaries.  I get home from work, turn on an episode of Elementary while cooking dinner or do laundry while watching a nice documentary.  The most recent one I watched was Yves Saint Laurent.  I have a whole list I want to try to get through this summer if I can.  I just find them inspiring!  Even though the YSL one wasn’t entirely a documentary it still went through the life and struggles of the famous designer as he started his own label and took off into fashion stardom.  A couple I have on my list are: Salinger, Bill Cunningham New York, and The September Issue.  A majority of the documentaries are in English but YSL was in French.  I actually am starting to enjoy watching a French film or two.  Populaire was a good one I watched a couple of weeks ago.


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