Murad Review and Drugstore First Impressions

Alright so for today I had originally planned to explain why the Murad treatment is one of my holy grail products but yesterday I got a couple of interesting things from Target so I figured why not do a first impression of them.

First Impressions

Murad Acne Clearing Solution: 2% Salycilic Acid that is known for fighting acne causing bacteria and clearing up skin.  I used to be really sensitive to it but recently it has become what I prefer to use.  I do have really sensitive acne prone skin so many products either don’t work or are too harsh.  I was getting super tired of the extensive Proactiv routine and wanted something that wasn’t so harsh or drying.  I got a free sample of this one day from Sephora and decided to try it for a few days.  That’s when I feel in love!  I immediately went out and bought the full sized bottle.  Once that ran out I immediately went to get more but my Ulta was sold out!  I went back to Proactiv and regretted it until I could get a new tube about a week ago.  My skin is actually still recovering from that time apart from it but its working its magic!

Physicians Formula Argan Oil Infused Bronzer: This is such a beautifully packaged bronzer I couldn’t help but pick it up when I went to Target (I always walk in with the intention of getting a specific something and walk out with an armful of makeup and things I don’t need).  When I got home I decided to test it out so I swirled by brush on it and swept it across my cheeks to see how it would look before actually swatching it on my hand.  I regretted it immediately.  The gold shimmer is actually just an overspray and glittered my face.  I love a shimmery highlight but I would prefer to control it myself.  There is an interesting scent to this bronzer that reminds me of my grandfather.  That sounds weird, and a lot of people probably don’t like the scent, but for some reason I like it.  Once the glittery part is gone though, the bronzer has such a pretty and natural color payoff and texture that I think it would be great for an everyday bronzer.

NYX Cosmetics Wonder Pencil (light): Honestly I just picked this up because I needed a new nude liner for my water line.  It has a great creamy smooth texture and tends to last pretty long which is absolutely amazing for the price!

Beauty Blender: I just wanted to try it out with a cheaper generic blender before I splurged and got a nicer one.  I was always a bit skeptical about using any sort of sponge to apply my makeup because I heard all my life about how they are the perfect harvesting ground for breakout causing bacteria.  These sponges are easy to clean though and when dampened a bit, apply any sort of liquid beautifully.  I absolutely adored the way it blended my foundation and concealer and I was just using the knock-off! Needless to say, I am definitely the next one jumping on the Beauty Blender Bandwagon.


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