At-Home Facial

I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love getting a facial.  The only problem?  I usually cant afford going to a salon and getting one done every couple of weeks when I feel like my skin needs a pick-me-up.  So, I have discovered a great way to get an amazing facial in my own home thanks to Linda Wells and her book Allure Secrets of a Beauty Editor.  She has tons of great tips about skincare and covers the basics makeup if you ever want to check it out.


Step One: Cleanse.  Wash your skin and remove any traces of dirt and makeup using your ordinary cleanser.

Step 2: Exfoliate.  Massage a nice exfoliator all over your face (and neck).  Don’t rinse.  Fresh always has amazing products like their Sugar Face Polish but they tend to be on the pricier side.  Lush has an amazing Ocean Salt scrub that is great for people with acne.  Murad Skin Smoothing Polish is good for all types of skin.

Step 3: Steam.  Bring some water to a boil and steep several tea bags.  I like to use chamomile or green tea for this because of the antioxidants and soothing effect they have.  If you want to splurge a bit.  Lush has a series toner tabs for whatever your needs are that dissolve in the water and provide a whole surge of nourishment to your skin.  You can also use the water when your done as a toner itself (hence the name toner tab).  Keep your face roughly 6-8 inches away from the water and steam with a towel over your head like a tent.

Step 4: Mask.  Gently rinse off the exfoliator and pat the skin dry.  Apply a facemask of your choosing and leave it on for the allotted time required.  For acne I love Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque because its so affordable and really clears the skin up.  Lush has a series of Fresh Face masks you have to purchase in stores because they’re made with such fresh ingredients (for acne- Cupcake, for dry skin- Love Lettuce, for oily skin- Oatifix, et cetera).  For redness relief, Origins Dr. Weils Mega Mushroom Relief mask is so soothing and gentle. For pores/blackheads, the cult following Glamglow mask.

Step 5: Moisturize.  After rinsing off the mask and patting your skin dry, apply your moisturizer.  I typically like something thick and creamy and nourishing because of how luxurious it leaves my skin feeling.  But if you have oily skin and don’t want to look like a grease fest use a lighter one.  If you used the toner tabs then use a cotton ball and apply the toner before moisturizing.

Be sure not to apply makeup 8-24 hours after doing your facial to let your face breathe and keep your pores from getting clogged.  I really love doing this every once and a while to just keep my face feeling and looking fresh and clear.  Hope you guys enjoy it too!  If you have any other at-home beauty remedies/treatments you want to see let me know!


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