Madison Avenue

Alright fellow beauty lovers, I have something exciting for you/something I am currently coveting – Madison Avenue.  Gerard Cosmetics released a new lipgloss recently named Madison Avenue and it is the most gorgeous light pinky rose with a shimmer.


I am just waiting until they have a certain discount code or bundle where I can finally get my hands on a tube of this and another tube of Jaclyn Hill’s 1995 lipstick (my favorite color of all time because it goes with literally everything).  Until then here are a couple of the discount codes I have right now.

Use the code: cys25 to get any of their Lightening Whitening pens with a lipstick and lipgloss of your choosing. Its essentially their Color Your Smile Essentials kit but you get it for $25 instead of $65

Use the code: BridalBeauty45 to get their BB cream, Brow Bar To-Go, and a lipstick and lipgloss of your choosing.  Its their Ultimate Beauty Bundle but you would get it for $45 instead of $99.

Using the code: Jaclyn35 gets you 35% off site wide and free shipping courtesy of Jaclyn Hill (can  you tell I’m obsessing?) who partnered with them to come up with a few lipstick and gloss colors of her own.  I got her Jaclyn Gems bundle (1995 and Buttercream lipstick, Buttercup and Rose Hill lipgloss) and they are easily some of my favorite lip colors I have ever owned!

Any products you guys are lusting over recently?


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