Coffee Talks: Sephora Classes


Good morning and happy Monday!  Wait, this isn’t right.  Hold on a second…

Okay that’s better, I had to get my coffee before starting this post.  I mean hey, it got its name for a reason.  That’s actually one of the things I disliked most about my first year of college, the coffee addiction/dependency.  Some days its hard to get started without it.

As of last week I found out that Sephora offers classes.  I was so overwhelmed with excitement I had to go online and see if any were being given nearby.  They offer a wide range of classes that help you master everything from a basic everyday eye look to contouring.  I found my local store on the website to see what classes were being offered this summer and signed up.  So on the 20th of June I’ll be taking their contouring class.  They’re free classes as long as you’re a beauty insider (you know, those little shopper cards that almost every store asks you to sign up for at the register when you’re being checked out).  I wanted to wait and talk about it later but I couldn’t help it, I just got too excited!

Makeup classes in general are amazing for helping you learn basic and new techniques for makeup application.  Mastering any technique requires practice.  After you learn how to do it, practice it every night before you wash your face to go to bed.  If it doesn’t turn out, just wash it off and try again later.  That’s the beauty of makeup!  Every time I get a new product I immediately go home and try it out.  More often than not, it looks awful and I absolutely hate the way it turned out.  But after using it a couple of times, I learn what way works best.  Same for any makeup technique.  Praise for this contouring class I signed up for because I am dying to learn the best contour for my particular face shape!  I’ll let y’all know how the class turns out later on!


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