Just For. . . Babies?


I’m sure for those of you who have read my blog in the past know I like to use Baby Powder as a dry shampoo in a pinch.  Sprinkle a little bit on your roots and brush out for clean looking roots that are left with a fresh scent.  Did I mention you get more bang for your buck that way?  Well I found another lovely little dupe for face/makeup wipes.

Baby wipes are a super gentle and inexpensive way to get your face clean.  I like to get the sensitive ones because I already have extremely sensitive skin so I need something that will work without breaking me out or breaking bank.  In a normal sized package of Neutrogena or Ponds facial wipes, there are about 25-30 wipes.  In a normal sized package of baby wipes you get 50-60 for about the same price.  Every night when I get home I love wiping the day off my face and relaxing for the evening (if not then I use them to get my makeup off before using my Mia 2).  The closure is also really nice since you can get them with either a plastic lid or in a box to keep the moisture in instead of the little sticker the eventually becomes un-sticky leaving those last couple of wipes dry and ineffective.

I don’t remember where I had heard this or how I remembered the other week while at the store, but I did and I’m glad!  They get my skin so clean with a nice soothing effect.


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