Be Like the Cavemen

Everyone knows that the first year of college is notorious for packing on the Freshman 15.  I got lucky by not gaining the F15 (thank you smart second semester decisions) but I will admit some of my clothes don’t entirely fit the way they used to.


A couple of summers ago I tried out something my coach mentioned during practice one day.  Her husband is a personal trainer/fitness instructor and they went on something called the Paleolithic (Paleo or Caveman) Diet.  I was intrigued by it so I decided to give it a test run for a couple of weeks to see what it was like.

I am by no means a person who likes to sit there and go on diets all the time.  I don’t think they would work for someone with a crazy busy (and also momentarily lazy) lifestyle. I don’t like the idea of having to keep track of everything I eat or do in an app or a journal.  That’s time I do not have.  Calorie counting? No thank you!  I’d rather not be told that I eat like a man based on the large number of calories I ate one day because I was craving donuts.  So how did paleo work for me?

Let me tell you it was hard!  I was in high school living at home with my family.  We would go out to a restaurant and I wouldn’t know what to order.  My mom would make dinner one night and I wouldn’t eat any of it (even if it was my favorite pasta in the entire world and made my mouth water like Pavlov’s dog.  Why would I want to eat meat and veggies when I could be eating a rich creamy plate of fettucine?  I had food cravings, and sometimes I gave in for a nibble or two.  But after a couple weeks, I noticed I felt different.  No longer did I feel sluggish or tired.  I just felt good!  Of course, eating paleo didn’t last too much longer (I have moments of weakness okay) but I have recently been considering trying it again.  No dairy, grain, sugar, oil, etc.  Only fruits and veggies, meat, eggs, and nuts!

My suggestion for those of you who also find paleo interesting and/or want to try it for yourselves?  Ease into it, allow yourself one little cheat a day (make it something healthy like a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and fruits or greek yogurt) to help wean yourself off.  Helps keep back the binging on a cheat too if you already know you can have a small one sans guilt. Go at it with the right mindset and there isn’t anything you cant accomplish!


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