Coffee Talks: Rush Clothes


If you’ve read my blog in the past you know that I am an active member in my schools Greek system.  I did a couple of posts back last fall about my rush experience going through it for the first time and deciding what house to join.  I might redo some of them as well as adding new posts about what its like to go through rush already a member of one of the houses.  Most sororities require certain style clothes for each round of recruitment or have themes for each of the different rounds you have to dress for.  I’m not revealing what house I’m in (I may have mentioned it in the past or may mention it in the future but for the sake of not getting in trouble I am not going to mention it now) or what our themes are but I know its a hassle trying to find the right clothes for each of the rounds without breaking bank.

My Solutions?

1) Wait for huge sales or discount codes for your favorite sites or stores.  I love ordering from Tobi when they have their huge discounts and found a couple of dresses that work for two of the rounds.  Im just waiting for their next big promo code so I can order them.

2) Second hand.  I know for some the idea of wearing another person (not your best friend or roomies) clothes is kinda weird.  Personally, I think its a great way to save on cool new trends or clothes for DIY projects.  Poshmark is an app wear you can buy and sell designer trends so you could make some money while also finding that super cute pair of whatever you needed for Philanthropy round.

3) Borrow.  Girls who had gone through rush before or graduated or are in a different sorority most likely have something like what you need.  For those who have graduated, they may already have the exact right pieces.  If you have a roommate or friend in a different sorority that has different rush themes than yours, ask if you can borrow a dress.

A helpful tip is to make sure when you’re going to buy new dresses or shoes that may be a little on the more expensive side (couldn’t find a nice one second hand, none of your friends had anything to work, missed the great sale, et cetera) make sure its something you’ll be able to wear more than once so you can justify paying more.  In general, I like to find things I can wear multiple times instead of buying something just for one event.


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