College Essentials: Freshman Year

Recently I had one of my coworkers ask me to compile a list of the top 10 things I found most essential my Freshman  year.  Her daughter just graduated high school and she was looking for a list from someone who had just gone through the whole experience themselves.  I just thought I’d share with you what all I found the most useful that first year.

Freshman Essentials

Cleaners:  Let’s face it, college dorm rooms are dirty.  You can clean and organize and decorate that dorm room all you want but I guarantee that within the first month there will be an accumulated amount of dirt that you wish didn’t exist.  I personally liked to use Clorox wipes to sanitize everything.  When everyone started to get sick in the fall (and after I got sick myself) I wiped every surface of that 12′ x 16′ room with Clorox.

Face wipes:  Long nights studying in the library and late parties can leave you with zero motivation to do even the most basic of hygiene.  Makeup removing and facial cleansing cloths are amazing at cleaning your face so you can fall in bed without worry.

Command Strips:  These things work.  Follow the directions to the letter and you won’t have any problems.  Mine stayed up all year and left everything good as new when I moved out in the spring.  My only regret?  Not stocking up on enough.

Storage Containers:  Whether you want them under your bed or small ones for your food, these are a must.  I ate at my sorority house for most of my meals but I always brought home leftovers and needed a way to keep them.  Try to get a stackable, microwave-safe kind.

Rain gear:  The weather in South Carolina is typically hot but random rain showers like to make an appearance.  I always kept a small umbrella in my backpack so I was ready for anything.

Craft supplies:  Craft drawers are my life.  Between different fraternity events, DIY dorm décor, and projects, my friends and I were always dipping into my endless supply of paints, ribbons, glue sticks, glitter, and more.  You probably don’t need a huge craft box but paints in the basic rainbow colors and a small brush set will probably get you through just fine.  Unless you adore glitter, then I suggest adding that as well.

Coffee maker:  I hate my freshman year for getting me to drink coffee almost every day.  Even if you don’t like coffee (like my roommate), you can use things like that for tea or oatmeal even.  Whatever helps get you going in the morning.

Heating pad: I know this one is a little different but man heating pads will forever change your life.  Cramping?  Heating pad.  Bloated?  Heating pad. Sore?  Heating pad. Cold?  Heating pad.  I was literally using this thing almost every day.

Dry shampoo:  Like with the face wipes, dry shampoo just makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about greasy hair from that shower you missed.  Gives you a bit of time to sleep in.  If you don’t have dry shampoo, get a cute baseball cap and rock it.

University cash:  Many schools have their own “bucks” or “cash”.  For example, my school has “Carolina Cash” that we put on our student ids.  We can use it at restaurants, to do laundry, grab a late night snack, print that midterm paper, et cetera.  So make sure you put plenty on to help get you through the semester.

I hope you guys also found this to be semi helpful!  If you want a more detailed list of college dorm essentials or apartment essentials I think I am posting one later on in the summer when the school year starts getting closer.  Another college countdown!


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