Top Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me as A Freshman


I’ve done a post before similar to this but as the end of summer draws nearer and nearer, I thought I would share with you a couple tips I wish I had been told as a freshman.

1) Don’t buy textbooks!  Depending on what classes you take or what you’re majoring in, textbooks can get crazy expensive.  My friend is a Marine Biology major and she bought a $400 dollar textbook that she didn’t even take the plastic off of.  Wait until the first couple days of class to see the exact textbook you’ll need and whether or not you’ll actually use it.  First semester I bought all my books but by second I only bought two.  Even if you need a textbook for one of your classes (in my Vis Com 101 we needed a workbook to do our labs out of) see if your library has a copy instead of buying one.  Whenever labs rolled around, I took my laptop to the library and just did the labs there using their copy of the workbook.

2) Make an actual effort to get involved.  The other day I was working on my resume and tried to think of the different things I was involved in at school.  I couldn’t really think of any.  The first couple of weeks at school they have so many fairs and tables set up all over campus showcasing literally anything you could want to do and I completely disregarded them!  Next year I’ll definitely be making an appearance to try to get involved more!  It’s a great way to make friends and try  new things.

3) Buy a coffeemaker.  If tea is your thing than an electric kettle.  My friends (and myself) spend so much money at local coffee shops and Starbucks all over campus instead of just taking our own in travel mugs.

306-3003649-143945_MLook how cute these Kate Spade ones are!  You’ll save so much  money buy brewing and taking your own coffee with you to those late nights at the library and to those early morning classes.

4) Working out and healthy eating wont come easy.  There are thousands of excuses for missing that zumba class or grabbing a slice of pizza when you’re in a hurry instead of a bowl of fruit.  There’s no time for the gym.  That’s not an excuse its a fact.  You have to make time for it.  You have a two hour gap between classes?  Fit in a workout!  Try incorporate time at the gym into your daily (or weekly) routine and stick to it.  Then it’ll be second nature to go.  Make a serious effort because if you don’t you wont.

5) Find your spot.  Campuses are getting bigger and bigger.  There are so many places you can go to hangout or study.  Whether that’s the main quad, a certain table in the library, benches in the student center, or at a café, finding your spot is important.  I have a booth at a little coffee house I love to go to when I want to study or just spend time with friends.  I can sit down and be super productive for a couple hours no problem while other places I struggle a lot more to concentrate.  I sat there for hours every day during finals week.

Anyways I hope some of these help you guys getting ready to start at universities in the fall!  A couple were the basic ones everyone always tells you but maybe there were one or two that you find particularly useful.  The most important one is just that you have fun and enjoy yourself because honestly the time flies by so incredibly fast.  I felt like I blinked and it was over.  I’m scared to blink any more in case those years fly by too!  I have an entire back-to-school series  planned (as always) for later this summer (July most likely) mainly for college.  I can do a high school or junior high edition as well if you want!


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