Coffee Talks: Sephora Class Experience


Good morning!  I honestly have no idea why I am so awake right now since I’ve been up since 4:30 (very unlike me).  Anyways I had a few post ideas for last week that I wasn’t able to finish but they are on their way!  One of them being an apartment haul, another a few DIY projects, and another a haul.  I will be out of the country next week but fingers crossed I’ll be able to post some while I’m away (or have a guest writer!).

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take the first class my local Sephora hosted.  They offer a wide range of classes to learn everything from the basics of applying foundation to more advanced looks.  The first one they offered was Contouring 101!


When I first arrived I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  They told me to show up with a clean and prepped face.  I’m a little self conscious when it comes to my skin and going bare faced so I used a little beauty balm beforehand to even out my skin a bit.  You sign in and go to where they have little “desks” set up complete with a set of brushes, finishing powders, blushes, bronzers, cleaners, and mirrors.  They also have a couple handouts for those taking the class to fill out.  Then you go to the color station and they take photographs of your skin, ask you a couple questions about your skin type, and select a foundation for you.  (My tone was R108, oily -sensitive- skin, medium coverage -buildable)  They then pick out concealers and contouring colors they think work best with you skin type and tone (YSL Touche Eclait concealer and Smashbox contouring palette -cooler toned shade and highlight).

Once everyone has their personally picked products, they go back to their seats and learn how to determine face shape (I’m round).  Then they show you where and how to apply concealer for you face shape then how to highlight and blend.  I’ll admit, I didn’t quite see the results at this point.  I was already self conscious enough about my previous contouring abilities and naked face but I went along with it.  Then we added the contouring color.  I loved the way the taupy color looked on my skin.  In the past I used a lot of warmer colors and they always made me look a little muddy but this one just felt a lot more natural.  Then we blended away with bronzer and blush and my face transformed.  I had cheekbones!  It looked natural and soft but still like my face had definition.  For a little added glamour I asked to experiment with illuminating powders and they brought me Nars Albatross.  The girl sitting next to me saw and asked to use some too.  We both loved all things shimmer!

Next mission, to get some products to recreate this new look.  I knew I had a couple points to redeem at Ulta so I  headed over and wandered the store with one of the employees trying out different highlighters.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  Finally we decided on a highlight/bronzer duo that several of the employees said they tried and liked.  Lorac Tantilizer.  I’ve just played around with it some so far but I like the natural way it looks on my skin, giving it a subtle warm glow.  Highlighters are now my new obsession!

Let me know what y’all find to be some of your favorite products to highlight and contour with!  I love suggestions and trying out new products people tell me about!


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