Creating A College Budget

Monthly Budget

Let’s be real here for a minute, August is right around the corner.  Yes, it may still be June and yes, you may have another month left to enjoy your summer but you also have to start gearing up for the new school year.  One thing that I don’t think people always spend time on beforehand is a budget.  I know I didn’t spend that much time on one and boy did it come back to bite me in the ass (eating out at restaurants, ordering takeout, and buying coolers to paint every month really adds up).  All those hours spent waiting on tables and folding tank tops will be wasted in a matter of just a couple months if you don’t at least create some basic guide lines for yourself.

Excel (and programs similar) have tons of different templates you can use to help create something that you can stick to.  Everyone’s will be different.  For example,  if you are on a smaller meal plan for your school you may need to factor in a higher budget for groceries than someone who is able to get three square meals a day from the caf.  If you commute to school, be sure to factor in gas and parking pass/garage costs.  College is expensive, especially freshman year because youre new to everything and may not have known at orientation that you wouldn’t need that $550 textbook for a sociology class.  Sorority dues are higher for new members because they’re buying things like house keys and pins for the first time.  Trust me when I say keeping track of your spending and writing out a budget will be a life save!  You can even get cute little notebooks to keep track of things like receipts like this one from KnockKnockJokes.



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