What’s To Come: Back-to-School and DIY


Please tell me I’m not the only one excited to go back to school!!  I’ve probably done one too many of these dances in my excitement as I’ve been gearing up for the enw school year.  Anyways I have a super fun back to school series coming up covering everything from outfit inspiration, beauty, and packing.  There’s a college countdown starting a week before I get in the car and drive back down to South Carolina (Lists, Clothes, Organization, Travel, Makeup, Final Thoughts, and finally Moving).  Its a tag I found on YouTube and tried last year.  I think I’ll do it again this year because it really did help with the preparing and packing for school.  There are also a couple final apartment and school supply hauls coming up showing what I think some of the essentials are in college.


Expanding off the apartment haul are some apartment and little crafting DIY projects and ideas.  I can finally take a little in my sorority now and have a lot of little craft ideas I’m really pumped for!  Then I don’t want to drop a bundle decorating my room in my apartment so I found some great DIY Pinterest ideas that hopefully won’t turn out like the one above.


Last but not least I have a super fun Greek series coming up about rush survival and my own experience.  I have to get to campus a couple of weeks early for work week and the rounds of recruitment themselves.  I’ll be doing vlog-type life updates to give you a sneak peek of what its like on the other side of rushing.

Anyways I’m pretty excited about what all is coming up (refer back to Napoleon Dynamite GIF to the level of my excitement)!  Stay tuned for the DIY projects and apartment stuff next week, bts the week after, college countdown the week after that, followed by two weeks of rush life!


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