Back-to-School Supply Essentials *College Edition*

Today marks the beginning of my back-to-school series.  They wont necessarily be in order since I have a lot of DIY projects and hauls still coming up but today marks the first official post.  The other day I was out picking up a few things from my last haul when I ran to Walmart to get spray paint.  That’s when I noticed they already put out their school supplies for the new year.  You know the opening scene from Confessions Of A Shopaholic?  The one where shes describing your heart melting like butter on warm toast?  For some reason that’s the way I feel before the beginning of school.

So of course I stopped to get what I needed for the new school year.  I have found that everybody is different in their organization and study methods.  This is just what I’ve found to consistently work for me, especially in college.

School Essentials - College Edition.

What I usually use: 3 ring binder, 5 tab dividers, 3 subject spiral bound notebook, colored ink pens, black note-taking pens, binder clips, legal pads, an agenda, a USB flashdrive, highlighters, and post-its.

For classes like English or Journalism I like to take my notes and write my paper drafts on legal pads, for my other classes I like to take notes in a sectioned spiral bound notebook because it keeps them all together and separated by class.  At the end of a unit I take all of the notes and assignments and keep them in a binder separated by class using tab dividers.  The highlighters and post-its are great study help tools.  I keep literally everything in a backup copy on my flashdrive with folders for each class since I typically like to type up my notes for each class.  When taking notes I prefer an easy-glide gel pen.  Colored pens are what help me keep track of literally everything in my agenda.  Kate Spade ones are chic but I think the Lilly print is more fun for a young college student.  I also prefer the layout of the Lilly planner to help schedule out and keep track of Greek life, extracurriculars, and school work.  BInder clips also help keep track of where I am in my agenda.

So there’s my simple list of school supply essentials.  I have previous posts with supply essentials but this is just an updated one!


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