Back-to-School Makeup Bag

Alright so I know my post from yesterday was about the type of makeup I like to do on a relatively daily basis.  Back in high school I would do my makeup in the morning and then usually keep a couple of beauty products in either my backpack or my locker for touch ups during school or practice.  The things I kept there I tried to keep versatile and well-rounded enough that I could do almost an entire face of makeup (like if I were running late and didn’t have time to do it before I left my house in the morning).  Same thing for when I’m working except I typically just keep lotion, powder, and whatever lipcolor I’m wearing.  My freshman year of college I lived on campus and had enough time in between classes that I could stop by my room and do whatever I needed to.  This next year I am commuting to campus from my apartment and want to make sure I have enough to keep me feeling fresh for the day.

Running Late for Class

I have a small striped bag that I used to keep everything in but I think I’m going to get a new one.  This Betsey Johnson one (top) is cute but a far cheaper version is the one from Forever 21 (bottom).  Products: a beauty balm or tinted moisturizer, blush (I suggest cream because you can blend it with your fingers as opposed to needing a brush), concealer stick (I still love the L’Oreal Crayon concealer), tinted lip balm, mascara, coffee filters (cheaper alternative to oil blotting papers), bobby pins and hair ties, tampon, gum or mints, and lotion (I have a slight obsession with L’Occitane hand creams).

Find your favorite versions of each of those types of products.  I would suggest keeping them relatively inexpensive or products you already have but don’t use as much as this is more of a backup makeup bag.  I like to use E.L.F. or even NYX because of the quality of some of their products for the price tag.


3 thoughts on “Back-to-School Makeup Bag

  1. Hillary says:

    I always thought I loved “back to school”… supply shopping… but this is so much better! I’m not in school, but can I still just go get new stuff…. back to… Thursday shopping? That’s totally acceptable! At 28 do you think I could talk my mom into taking me? (I can’t even type that without laughing!) -H

      • Hillary says:

        I used to really like going back to school shopping (part of it) by myself. I never felt rushed, I could just take my time and get what I really wanted. It was always a little relaxing to me. Then I would go with either my mom for a few things, and my friends for a few things. (That’s been a long time ago though!)

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