First Impression: LovingTan 2 HR Express Mousse


I have made it no secret that I have a love for Jaclyn Hill.  She’s drop-dead gorgeous, outgoing and happy, hardworking, and genuine.  She’s worked hard to get where she is and looked glamorous while doing it.  I have also made it no secret that I love self tanners since I am so naturally pale and don’t like sitting for hours out in the sun.  She posted a video about her tanning routine a while ago but I never got around to actually trying out the product myself.

I had used mousse products before (styling for my hair and a mousse foundation- neither of which I liked) so I was cautious about this.  Why stray from my tried and true Jergens?  So while in the shower I exfoliated and shaved, then I applied a body butter to my ankles, knees, elbows, hands, and feet.  I exfoliated my face and moisturized before I tried buffing this weird burgundy colored mousse on with a foundation brush.  It looked weird and splotchy and I was immediately scared for the rest of my body.  I applied several pumps of the mousse to my legs, torso, and arms.  It would look streaky but I kept buffing with the mitt they gave me hoping I wasn’t messing everything up.  My face still looked splotchy so I only kept it on for 30 minutes instead of two hours before rinsing it off.

The rest of my body looked dark.  I threw on some sweats and watched an episode of Castle for an hour before rinsing the rest off my body.  I woke up the next morning and couldn’t help but notice how tan and glowy my skin looked.  People commented on how I looked like I had just gotten back from a tropical vacation.  The best part is it didn’t come off more when I showered again.  Jergens color only seems to last about a day or two before reapplication.  LovingTan lasts for several days, so you would really only need to apply it about once a week to maintain and golden goddess glow.

The application process is really scary but the results are outstanding.  Maybe I will make the switch from Jergens to LovingTan for good.


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