Coffee Talks: Sephora Brows Class


So about a month or so ago I mentioned how I signed up for a contouring class at Sephora.  They basically offer complimentary classes (10 different classes) that cover the basics of skincare, foundation, brows, contouring, simple eye, et cetera.  Its a great way to learn new techniques and the different products used for them.

Brow Class

Yesterday, I attended their brows class.  I love it when my eyebrow game is on fleek but sometimes I had a hard time getting them to look how I wanted.  When I walked in, they color matched my brows to my hair and asked what kind of product I would be interested in.  I told her I have the Anastasia Brow Whiz in taupe so she grabbed on for me and we went to the back where the “desks” were set up with mirrors and brushes and products.

Once everyone had an ideal brow product we got started on the basics: prepping and priming.  Eye creams, concealers, and eye primers.  The reason it is important to differentiate between eye creams and primers as opposed to normal face moisturizers and primers is because your face and your eyes have different needs.  Face primers are more slick, eye primers are tackier.  When it comes to creams and moisturizers, think of it this way: the skin around your eyes are like tissue paper, the skin on your face is like printer paper, your body is like cardboard.  That’s why each requires a different type of product.

The class instructor did a quick and simple highlight of the eye with eyeshadows (a light natural color all over the lid and as a brow highlight, a medium shade in the crease, a slightly dark shade smudged along the top and bottom lash line) before showing us how to mark off our brows using our noses.  Take the pencil (or brush) and line it up with the little dip between your nose and nostril and mark straight up, then again lining it going through the iris, and again at the edge of your eye following your lash line.  Brush the hairs up with a spoolie and fill in using little flicks to make the strokes look like hairs then spoolie again to distribute and naturalize the product.  Finish off with a touch of brow gel to lock the color and hairs in place.

Different products: Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for brow products.  They have pencils, pomades, and powders.  Many other brands also have phenomenal brow products like Bobbi Brown or Benefit.  If you have bald spots or areas where the hairs are more sparse, apply more pressure (if using a pencil or pomade) or the darker color (if using powder), on the areas that have hair use less pressure or the lighter color (that’s why most brow powders come with two different colors, so you can make sure you evenly fill out your brows).

They made doing my brows everyday seem like a piece of cake.  I tried out my new skill set this morning and now eyebrow game strong!  If you want to take the class yourself, you can go onto their website and sign up or I think they let you do walk-ins for class now so anyone who wants to go can!


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