DIY Apartment Decor

I’ve been looking forward to writing these DIY craft posts.  I did a lot of crafting over the weekend and have been waiting to get this done!  It just took longer than I thought.

Glittered Vase and Wine Glasses: I decided to spice up an old vase and some wine glasses using my favorite thing every, glitter!  I marked off the vase using a thick rubber band and brushed some glue/mod podge from the rubber band to the top of the vase and sprinkled glitter on it.  As for the wine glasses I just brushed glue/mod podge on the stems and sprinkled glitter on them.  Then to help hold I sprayed a clear gloss on top.

IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_1531

(I took these this morning on my staircase in a hurry so I’m sorry they didn’t turn out super great, they’ll be featured later most likely in an apartment tour)

Kate Spade Trays:  I found some simple square plates from Old Time Pottery and came up with a DIY Kate Spade project.  I marked each one off using painters tape, alternating 1 1/2″ tape and 1″ tape.  Then I removed the thinner pieces of tape where I wanted the gold paint to go.  On the back, I took more painters tape and marked it off so none of the gold spray transferred over and the lines would all be clean and crisp.  Then I sprayed the stripes with gold, removed the tape, and sprayed with a clear gloss to help protect.

IMG_1533 IMG_1534

Candle Holder:  I got a silver herringbone candle holder.  I spray painted it gold to go with the theme of my bedroom more.


These were all inexpensive and super easy since they mainly consisted of glue, spray paint, glitter, and a little creativity!  Let me know if you guys have any other cool DIY crafts or décor you’ve done that turned out cool or that you think I should try!


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