College Countdown: Day 7


I did this last year counting down to my first year of college (woo!).  Things are different this year with regards to move-in/living situation/being early on campus.  Long story short, my friends and I got an apartment for our Sophomore year and we all have to be back to campus a good two weeks early for our sororities.  However, we aren’t allowed to move in to our unit until the 15th so I’m staying with friends for a couple weeks.

The first thing anyone does before moving or heading off to school is make a packing list.  I make a collaborated one from the typical college dorm packing list and first apartment list.  A lot of things I wasn’t too worried about since my roommates and I are splitting everything.  What we don’t get over the summer we plan to get once we’ve moved in.  For the past couple of weeks I have been running around trying to get everything I needed together.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too extensive.  Right now the only things left on my lists are snacks, a new AUX cord for my car, and wait for my comforter to get in.  Not too bad eh?

My list of things to do before I leave is the extensive one.  It ranges from getting my phone and car fixed to making a new hair appointment.  Did I mention all the crafting I still have to do?  Regardless I cant wait to see all my friends again!


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