College Countdown: Day 6

Alright so Day 6 of the college countdown is for clothing.  I cant even begin to tell you how many different blog posts and pinterest pins I went through when trying to figure out what to pack for school.  I didn’t know what the weather would be like, what the general style on campus would be, what to wear when going out with friends, if I needed nice “business casual” clothes, nothing.  Coming from a private high school meant my wardrobe pretty much consisted of khaki pants and a colorful polo collection.  Needless to say, I now know (or at least have a much better idea) of the types of clothes to take with me to school.  I needn’t dress like Jake from State Farm anymore.

Clothing List

Dresses: You wont have a whole lot of need for dresses on campus.  There aren’t that many formal events in need of a cocktail dress, if you are active in the Greek system you may need one or two for functions or formals.  I suggest taking at least one or two sundresses or casual dresses and a little black dress.  I plan to take a ton of casual black dresses for game days!  And then a few more for semi formal and formal chapter.

Coats/Jackets: Leave these at home, at least until October (unless you go to a school that gets a lot of cold weather).  They just take up space!  I’m taking a raincoat, denim jacket, field jacket, and a tan peacoat.

Tops:  That being said, sweaters will become your best friends during the cooler months before you’re able to go home to get your coat.  I also love wearing cute sweaters and an insta-outfit.  I prefer dressing up a little more (if I can) for class than just a tshirt and leggings or norts.  So having actual tops and blouses is a little bit higher on my packing list.  As are basic solid color vnecks and long sleeves.  They go with literally everything.

Bottoms:  Leggings and norts are huge on college campuses.  I may be old school early 2K, but I love wearing my jeans everyday.  I would almost prefer them to leggings 9 times out of 10.  So obviously taking a few pairs that fit you and look nice is important.  Shorts are a necessity in the south!  So I would take a couple pairs of norts and some nicer shorts.  Maybe even a pair of lace or Lilly shorts.  As for skirts, like dresses, they wont be worn often.  I have a couple casual ones that I wear around campus.  You may want to take at least one or two more business/nicer skirts just in case you have an interview or job you need to dress up for.

Loungewear: Specifically for lounging or sleeping in!  Sweatpants and old hs dance tshirts are great for hanging in your dorm but they aren’t as cool in class.  You don’t want to be that kid who shows up for their 2 PM business calc class in superman fleece pajama bottoms.

Shoes: No one goes to class in heels or wedges everyday.  All you’ll need are one neutral toned pair of each.  I prefer wearing casual sneakers and ballet flats on a day-to-day basis.  Shower shoes are a must if you’re staying in a dorm!  Then don’t forget a cute pair of boots and a pair of rainboots/winter boots depending on the weather at your school.  As for going out/party shoes, I typically wear old converse but I know most girls like to wear an old pair of wedges.  Don’t take shoes you love or don’t want ruined because more likely than not, someone is going to want to borrow them or wear them out and they may get messed up!

Accessories: They make or break the perfect outfit.  Most of mine are relatively neutral so they go with everything.  I think the basics to have for jewelry would be small dainty necklaces and rings, a big blingy statement necklace, a big neutral colored statement necklace, a big statement ring, a pair of hoop earrings, a pair of diamond and pearl studs, a pair of fun earrings/studs, stackable bracelets, and a watch.  I love getting fun statement pieces at someplace like Charming Charlies because of the price tags!  For earrings I usually get the multi-packs of studs or hoops because I lose earrings like its my job!  Scarves: One for warmth!  And then two or three bright colorful statement scarves to spice up an outfit.

Bags: You wont necessarily be taking your purse with you to class everyday.  I suggest/am taking a cross body bag for when I go out and one or two larger tote-style bags.  Then I’m taking a couple totes and duffles and my backpack.  I love my LL Bean backpack because its easier on the back and shoulders as well as has a great warranty.  LL Bean has always been good about getting you replacements or fixing any of their products that get messed up.

That’s kind of my rough overview of what to pack and what I am packing.  I’m only getting more and more excited with each passing day to see my friends again!!


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