College Countdown: Day 5


Organization!  Okay so day 5 is all about how to stay organized in the packing and moving process.  Last year I used two giant plastic tote bins, a laundry hamper, one big suitcase, and a bag full of shoes.  Move-in was an absolute breeze!  It took my parents and I less than two hours to park the car, carry everything in, and unpack it all.  Moving out was also relatively easy.  That was in and out of a tiny dorm room where all I needed was a mini fridge, surge protector, posters, and rainboots.

Can I just say, I have no idea how I’m going to stay organized throughout this process.  As I am going through the same packing and college countdown, I am realizing that everything is getting more and more chaotic rather than organized.  I am going through lists and realizing I forgot things or don’t have them to begin with.  So tonight I am going through everything and getting it all fixed up.  Here’s the gameplan:

Bedding- For the most part Im keeping it all in the bags they came in (my comforter in the case, pillows in the shopping bags, sheets and towels in my laundry hamper)

Bathroom/Toiletries- In its own duffle bag.  I have a soft train case for my makeup.  I don’t have a lot of bathroom stuff since it’s split with my roommate.

Kitchen- Boxes.  My dishes are in a box, everything else is divided up into two other boxes.

Clothing-  Everything that was hanging in my closet will be bundles up with a makeshift trash bag “garment bag”.  My folded clothes are in two small suitcases and a small rolling cart with drawers that I got at Target last year.

Accessories- My shoes are in two tote bags.  In one of the totes, I also have my scarves, hats, and jewelry.  My smaller pieces of jewelry are in a little box while the bigger statement pieces are going to be wrapped in tissue paper and kept together in a big plastic Ziploc bag.

School/Desk-  All of it is going in my backpack.  Simple and easy.

Miscellaneous-  This is the part that I’m not sure about.  I think I’m pretty much going to stick the miscellaneous items wherever there’s room or take it all in another small box.

Maybe after tonight my packing will look more like this:



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