College Countdown: Day 4

College Makeup

As you could tell from the image, this day is mainly about makeup for college. Here is a list of a few basic things I think every college girl should have in her makeup bag.


Foundation and Powder:  Unless you wear foundation every day, try to go for something with medium coverage.  That way its light enough for everyday but it can be built up if you want a little more coverage for when you go out.  Make sure to always set it with powder so it lasts.  I don’t usually use a primer on a daily basis underneath my makeup but it is nice for when I go out.  That’s why I personally wouldn’t consider it a basic.  I think powder is an essential because it sets your makeup and if you plan to not wear any foundation, a little powder helps with sheen that can appear throughout the day.

Concealer: Every college and working girl’s best friend!  Cover up those dark circles from late nights out, highlight your face, of camouflage breakouts.  I love a creamy wand concealer blended out with a beauty blender and set with powder.

Eye Palette:  A neutral shadow palette can go so far.  I would try to find one with a range of lights and darks and a range of finishes.  Too Faced palettes are great and compact for easy application while Urban Decay Naked palettes give you a little more range.  I also like creating my own palette.  Empty Z palettes are only a couple  bucks online and you can fill them with eye shadow singles from places such as MAC, MakeupGeek, and Morphe to create your very own custom palette.

Mascara:  Just yes.  Mascara defines the eyes and gives flirty lashes.  Its great to throw on when you’re running out the door to make you look a little more put together.  For added definition I suggest an eyeliner (pick your poison; gel, pencil, liquid, powder).

Cheek Color:  Some sort of cheek color is very essential in a makeup bag.  It doesn’t have to be blush or bronzer or both.  Pick what you think looks best on you (a peachy blush, a terra cotta colored bronzer, or even whatever lipstick color it is that you’re wearing).  It makes you look more fresh and awake.  I prefer a sunny bronzer to sunkiss my naturally pale skin.

Lip balm:  If you aren’t big on lipstick then chapstick or a tinted lip balm is perfect for you.  It also keeps your lips nice and moisturized.  Nuff’ said.

Lip stick:  I feel like there are two essential lip colors out there for everyone.  An amazing everyday lipstick color and a bright/bold lipstick color.  Don’t just settle for any ole tube of red lipstick.  Search long and hard for that one perfect color.  Itll make your teeth dazzle, your lips look full and lush, and fill you with confidence like Sasha Fierce.

Pics of the clothes, makeup, and beauty products I packed to come!


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